Knowing the gender of your baby

For many people it is clear from the beginning of the pregnancy that they want to know what the sex of the baby will be. Others are not so certain about this. Still, it is useful to know the sex of the baby for various reasons. Do you want to know what these reasons are? Or are you not sure whether or not you want to know the gender of the baby? And how you can find out the sex of the baby? All the answers are in this blog!

Why you would want to know the gender

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to know the sex of the baby. Firstly, when you know the gender of your baby, you have a much more complete picture. You can start choosing the baby’s name and you can already imagine what life will be like after delivery. It is also nice for the partner to know what the gender is because it is often difficult for your partner to imagine what it is like to carry a baby with you. When your partner knows the gender, the baby in your belly also becomes a real little person to them. It is also useful to know what the gender is because then you can decorate the nursery, make birth announcements and buy baby clothes. We shouldn’t forget to mention that it’s great fun to organize a maternity party where you can surprise your friends and family with the gender of the baby!

How can you find out the gender?

You can find out the sex of the baby by having an ultrasound. Ultrasound is very reliable because you can actually see the baby inside the belly. The downside to having an ultrasound done is that you can’t have it done until 16 weeks into the pregnancy. An option to find out the gender at an earlier stage is through the Peekaboo gender test. You can have this test done as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy, so it’s perfect for curious parents. This test is also very accurate and reliable. In addition, the Peekaboo test is safe for both the baby and the mother, as it only requires a small blood sample from the mother. The presence or absence of a Y chromosome will then tell experts if there’s a boy or a girl inside your belly and that’s good to know.

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