The father near me

This story may sound familiar to you: a Greek island. A mother with her daughter who is about to get married. Then suddenly three men arrive. The three men who could possibly be the daughter’s father. But which of the three is it now? Do you want to know how to finally find an answer and start your story? Then read on.

Just check your memory

When you have become pregnant, it is important that you start thinking about the time you have experienced. Think of, for example, your menstrual cycle, when was the time of your ovulation, etc., etc. When you add everything together in this way, you will soon find out the answer to your question. In this way you have been able to find out who you think the father could be by means of your own memory and knowledge of your body. In addition, it is also good to see whether you have had unprotected sex with all men or just one or two. Or was it all safe and a condom broke? That is of course also possible and that’s good to always keep in mind.

Still just as good

If your memory fails you, you can also simply have a paternal DNA test performed. When you do this it is important that you make sure that your paternal DNA test is a legal paternity test. A legal paternity test means that these can be used and are valid in the country where you are. For example, if you have to do a paternal DNA test for a lawsuit and this is a legal paternity test, the test is also used as valid evidence. If you are in court and you have taken a paternal dna test that is not a legal paternity test, it will be used as invalid evidence. However, this evidence can eventually cost you your head. Because of this, it is always important to perform a paternal DNA test that falls under a legal paternity test. Otherwise, you may suddenly be put in the wrong light. And of course you don’t want that. However, a paternal DNA test is a good test to perform if you do not know with your own brains where to look for the answer. The paternal DNA test will help you with that. This way you know who the father of your child is within a few days. How great is it?!

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