World Maps Of The Magnetic Field Within The Photo Voltaic Corona

However, direct measurements of the magnetic area in the Sun’s corona are tough to acquire. Using observations with the Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter, we’ve determined the spatial distribution of the plasma density within the corona and the part pace of the prevailing transverse magnetohydrodynamic waves inside the plasma. We mixed these measurements to map the plane-of-sky element of the global coronal magnetic area. The derived area strengths within the corona, from 1.05 to 1.35 solar radii, are mostly 1 to 4 gauss. Our results show the potential of imaging spectroscopy in coronal magnetic field diagnostics.

By combining these measurements, they derived maps of the magnetic subject throughout the complete observable corona. The method may potentially be used to supply routine magnetic subject maps for the corona which may be just like these already out there for the Sun’s surface. The scores for the data sources here are based mostly on how machine-readable, complete, and granular their information is — not on the accuracy or reliability of the knowledge.

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